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Atrium Interiors brings you 25 years of construction experience


Alkit ProDigital, Inc.

8,000 square foot build out on west 27th Street in old manufacturing loft.  Digital imaging facility and gallery.  Electronics display room in primary store on Park Avenue South.  Back office renovations in satalite locations.


Corporate Dining Room

Corporate Headquarters Executive Dining Room, Rye, NY.  Numerous additional project, including new office build-outs, speciality constructions, saunas, kitchen facilities and tel/data switch-gear rooms


Trisha Brown Dance Company

20,250 square foot dance studio.  Complete build out in old parking garage building.  Created multiple dancing studios using movable walls and sprung floors.  Value-enginered the project with the architect to reduce over all project construction costs. 


Jupiter Communications

10,000 square foot renovation in NoHo.  Main office for internet company.  Headquarters for internet firm.  Value-engineered to reduce cost of project with architect and owner.  Additional projects in satellite locations of 3,000 and 1,500 square feet.


10,000 square foot open office build out for an internet company.  The office is located in Noho, in an old cast iron building. 


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